About Hug in a Trug

I started Hug in a Trug in 2018 after being unable to find the right gifts for friends and family experiencing tough times. I wanted to send a little package that would cheer them up or let them know i was thinking about them when I couldn’t be there.

Why Trugs?

The word “Trug” originates from the 16th century. Usually made from strips of wood, trugs were used for carrying fruit and vegetables from the garden to the home.

Our handmade fabric Trugs transport lovingly created “Home Grown” products  into the homes of those we love.

Only the very best “home grown” produce makes it into one of our trugs!

UK Sourced

I’ve sourced the contents of the trugs from right across the UK including items from as remote as the Isle of Mull! Isle of Mull Soap Company and the Isle of Mull Bakery.


All packaging is 100% paper and reusable or recyclable. Any paper waste from card/label printing is shredded and reused in the packaging.

Free Delivery

There’s no extra fee for standard postage or packing. Please allow 3-4 days for standard delivery. Next day delivery is available Monday to Friday on orders placed before 2pm for an extra fee of £6.99.